How to Remove Logo from the Clothes without Damaging (Quick Guide 2024)

Sometimes, you love to wear your favorite hoodie, shirt, or sweatshirt, but it has an unwanted logo. Companies impart their brand logos on clothes to advertise the product. If the logo gets damaged, fades, or becomes unattractive you can remove it. Removing the logo from these clothes makes them more attractive and decent.

If you want to remove the logo from the shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, or jacket, you can use a pressing iron, hair dryer, or nail polish remover.

How the Logos are printed on Clothes?

Here are a few methods that companies employ to impart their logo on clothes.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

In this method, a cricut, a heat press, and an iron box are used. A special cloth cut has an adhesive on the backside. The design on the cloth sticks to the fabric with the help of a heat press.

Screen Printing

This one employs a stencil, a synthetic polymer mesh, and a squeegee. Here, the clothes absorb ink which passes through the screen by forcing the squeegee. It gives top-notch results in bulk production while using a single template.

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How to Remove Logos from Shirts?

Using Pressing Iron (step by step)

This method works best for the logos which are vinyl heat transferred. By applying the heat with iron, the bond between the logo and fabric is lost. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Arrange an iron board or a hard table and place the shirt

Step 2: Protect the other side of the shirt and place a towel just below the logo.

Step 3: Now, start heating of iron at a medium level and then place it on the logo print.

Step 4: Apply a little bit of pressure so that heat can go deep to break the bond.

Step 5: Remove the iron pick a knife and scratch off the logo gently.

Step 6: Repeat the process until you get rid of the printed logo.

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Using a Solvent (Step by Step)

Another method employs chemicals such as nail polish remover and alcohol. Using these chemicals breaks the chemical bond between the fabric and logo adhesives.

Step – 1: Place the shirt on a flat surface such as an ironing board or hard table.

Step – 2: take the shirt and take it inside out

Step – 3: Take a bowl and pour the nail polish remover or alcohol with care.

Step – 4: Soak the cotton rag in a bowl and place it right behind the logo.

Step – 5: stretch the fabric and remove the logo from the fabric with the help of a knife.

Step – 6: Repeat the process to completely remove the unwanted logo.

Step – 7: Wash the shirt to get rid of the smell of chemicals.

How to Remove the Logo from the Hoodie?

If you want to remove the vinyl or screen print lettering logo from the hoodie, you have to use an iron or hair dryer. These appliances will break the bonding adhesive from the hoodie.

You can now peel it off with the help of a knife or tweezers. Wash that part of the logo with the help of hot water and a detergent.

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Whatever the reason you have to remove the logo or graphic from the clothing, you can employ any of the above techniques.

You just have to identify the type of logo and then decide the method.

Keep one thing in mind, wash the clothes after using the chemical method.

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