How to Remove Sublimation Ink from Mugs | 10+ Ways (2024)

In the old days, ceramic mugs were simple and clean. With the arrival of the sublimation printing technique, the surface of mugs became more beautiful and stylish. 

Sometimes, the final results of sublimation printing on ceramic mugs don’t meet the requirements. Some design changes or sublimation ink stains are observed after sublimation.

But don’t worry

You can easily remove the sublimation ink from shirts and mugs and make the design clear and free from mistakes. You must follow the proper procedure to remove the ink from ceramic mugs.

Various methods can be employed to remove the sublimation ink from mugs as discussed below.

How Dishwasher Removes the Sublimation Ink?

This is a conventional method to remove the stains of sublimation ink, images, or photos sublimates on the ceramic mugs. Start the process by following these steps.

  • Rinse the sublimated ceramic mug with Hot water
  • Place the mug inside the Dishwasher
  • Keep the temperature and frequency settings high

Eventually, the sublimation ink on the mug will fade out. Repeat the steps if you want to remove the image or photo altogether until better results are obtained. 

Can Oven Remove the Sublimation Ink from Ceramic Mugs?

Yes. The ink or image can be removed from sublimated mugs if the proper guidelines are followed.

  • Wash the mug in hot soapy water
  • Place the ceramic mug into the oven
  • Set the temperature up to 400oF
  • Set the heating time for one hour
  • Take it out and wait until it cools down
  • Rub the sublimated image with lemon juice, swabbed soft cotton
  • Wash the mug with water and disinfect it.

This method is handy and more accessible to eliminate the sublimation ink. However, during the process, don’t place food with it as the odor of ink will change the flavor.

Removing Sublimation Ink Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound, so you have to be careful. Arrange gloves and goggles to keep yourself safe from any harmful effects of H2O2.

Take a clean towel, swab one of its corners into H2O2, and gently rub it over the sublimated ink surface.

The stains of sublimation ink or any other image will stick to the towel, and the mug will become clean and clear.

Now, rinse the ceramic mug with hot water and clean and dry it.

Can Vinegar Remove the Sublimation Ink from Ceramic Mug?

Actually YES.

If vinegar is available, mix it with water and prepare a solution in a bowl. Place the sublimated ceramic mug in the bowl for over a day.

The solution will surely dissolve the sublimation ink stains, and the image and the ceramic mug will be clear.

Removal of Sublimation print Using the Baking Soda

Baking soda is the cheapest material and is readily available in the market. The sublimation ink can be removed by rubbing the baking soda paste on the ceramics mug.

Repeat the process until you get a sublimation ink stain-free mug.

Also, baking soda is non-toxic and doesn’t damage you and the mug.

Heat the Mug and Rub With Scotch-Brite

First, Turn on the gas stove and tightly hold the ceramic mug over the flame. Continue heating for about 5-6 minutes until the sublimation ink or photo changes its color slightly.
Now, Pick up the fresh scotch brite or sandpaper and start rubbing over the sublimation print. Ensure you apply enough pressure to eliminate the photo or logo from the mug.

Apply Paint Stripper to the Ceramic Mug

Removing sublimation photos with the help of a paint stripper is fantastic as its results are amazing. The paint strippers are available in online stores like Walmart and Target. Purchase a small bucket; remember to get safety gloves. 

Now, Submerge the ceramic cup in the bucket for about 20-30 minutes. 

Take out the mug and repeat the step untill all the sublimated image has gone.  

How do you Remove Print from a Printed Mug?

  • Wash the Mug in the Dishwasher
  • Paint Over the Logo or Picture
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover
  • Apply Paint Stripper to the Coffee Mug
  • Heat the Mug & Rub With Scotch-Brite
  • Cover the Logo/Photo With a Fabric Koozie

How To Remove Starbucks Logo From Mug

Eliminating the Starbucks logo from ceramic cups is an easy process. Following these steps will make the process easier:

  1. Arrange Supplies such as a Bowl of Warm water
  2. Purchase a Sponge and Dishwashing Soap
  3. Make a solution of Warm water and Dish Soap
  4. Now, dip the sponge in warm water and rub the Starbucks logo area with enough pressure.
  5. Here is the Magic; the advertising logo has gone. Rinse the mug with warm water.
  6. You have a cup with no Starbucks logo.

How To Get Stickers Off Of Coffee Ceramic Mugs

Removing stickers from ceramic coffee mugs is relatively easy. You can follow these steps to get rid of the stickers:

  1. Take a Bowl and fill it with warm water
  2. Add a few drops of dish detergent and stir it gently to make it homogeneous
  3. Pick a piece of cotton rage and soak it in the solution
  4. Start rubbing over the stickers till it loosens
  5. Now, Pick a tweezer and take away the stickers
  6. Swab a piece of rag in alcohol to remove adhesive residue from the mug surface.
  7. In the end, rinse the mug with warm water.

How To Remove Logo From Tumblers?

To remove a logo from the metal mug, you need to arrange the following items:

  1. Steel Wool
  2. A Soft Cloth
  3. Alcohol

First, rub the logo with steel wool and apply alcohol with the help of the cotton cloth. If the logo doesnt go away, you can use a razor blade. 

When the logo has gone, rinse the cup with warm water and clean the residue. 

How To Remove Print From Plastic Cup

Removing sublimation print from a plastic mug is a challenging process. However, this task becomes easier by following the right steps with patience. 

First, you must arrange a warm water bowl, mix a few drops of liquid soap, and stir the solution.

Now, soak the cotton rag in water solution and scrub the printed area of the plastic mug.

Then, swab a cloth piece in alcohol and rub over the print to eliminate it.  

In the end, rubbing the mild abrasive cloth on the cup gives a clean and finished surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Acetone Remove Sublimation Ink?

Yeah. The acetone can dissolve and remove the sublimation ink from mugs, but pure acetone is not recommended. Pure acetone can damage the mug as well because of its high reactivity.
Nowadays, nail polish removal solutions contain a small amount of acetone which can be employed on sublimated mugs for removing the sublimation ink.

How do you get sublimation ink out of cups?

You can apply alcohol on a towel and rub it over the sublimated area of ceramic cups. Then scratch it with a sharp razor blade to have better results. If the alcohol contains acetone, it will ease the sublimation ink removing process.

How long does sublimation last on mugs?

Sublimation designs stick on the ceramic mugs permanently. But in case of any design variation or stain removal, this sublimation ink can be removed by applying the proper procedures. 

How do you remove a logo from a beer mug?

There are various chemicals to remove print from a beer mug. You can try the acetone, but most mugs use heat-activated ink. Another way is to use scotch brite or emery paper to remove logos from mugs.

Final Words

Removing the sublimation ink from ceramic mugs will be complicated, but with experience, you can do it without hesitation.

You can apply any of the above methods suitable to your task.

You should use Dishwasher or Baking soda techniques as they are easy to apply, and their results are outstanding in removing the sublimation ink from mugs. 

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