Which Side of Mug to Print On | Easy way (2024)

Printing on mugs is an art, and if you are a beginner and don’t know which side to write beautiful lines? The answer depends on who you are making the mug for. For leftie?

Don’t worry; in this post, I will share the details guidelines to select the correct side for right-handed and lefties.

If you are still trying to understand, you may end up with the risk of wrong-side sublimation. You will surely lose your interest in a wrongly printed cup.

General Rule

Printing for Right-Handed 

When printing on mugs, follow the general rule of thumb every time. 

If you are creating a sublimated mug for the right-hand person, print desired text or design on the right side. 

In this way, the beautiful design will be noticeable to everyone in the front and get admiration while sipping coffee or tea.   

Printing for Left Handed  

On the other hand, while printing for lefties, you have to apply sublimation printing on the left side of the mug. As all the single-handle mugs have manufacturing design, side selection for sublimation only depends upon the holding hand.

In the same way, the sublimation print will be printed on the opposite side of your mouth when someone is enjoying a hot coffee sip.

Hence, the design will face outward when the person holds the mug in his dominant hand, i.e., the left hand.

Other Considerations

  • Discuss with the person you want to gift or sell.
  • Some people feel good about having the design on the inward side.
  • Do not print on the wall opposite the handle; it will not look lovely.
  • Check the dimensions of both the mug and the desired design.

Should I print on both sides of a mug?

Printing on both sides will look more interesting and engaging while drinking your drink. Also, in the mug collection display, double side printed mug has another level of grace and attraction.

Final Words

The side selection for mug printing is crucial as it influences the expression of the mug. Choosing the desired design and printing it on the correct wall of the mug will make it more alluring.  

So, take the right decision after deep thinking about printing on the mug side.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size logo for mugs?

On an 11 oz. Mug, the standard sublimation print size is 7.5 x 3 in.

What do you call the side of a mug?

The vertically circular side of the mug is naturally known as the “wall” of the mug.

What size font for mug printing?

The average recommended font size to print on the mugs is 6 pt., but it can be smaller or larger depending on the artwork.

What equipment do I need to start a mug printing business?

A sublimation business’s prerequisites are a heat press machine, color printer, sublimation transfer paper, mugs, protective paper, and heat-resistant tape.

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