Hippo Sublimation Ink vs Cosmos Ink | Ultimate Comparison (2024)

A lot of inks are available in the market to use in sublimation printers. Professionals select suitable sublimation ink for their printers to get better results. Two sublimation inks, i.e., Hiipoo and Cosmos, have a neck-on-neck competition for their usage in sublimation printers. 

Hiipoo sublimation ink vs. Cosmos ink, which type of sublimation ink should one select? It’s difficult to say definitively which type of sublimation ink we should select, as it depends upon various factors such as compatibility with printer, substrate, price, nozzle type of ink bottle, and printing conditions. However, here are some general differences between Hiipoo sublimation ink and Cosmos ink that we will discuss in detail.

This Comparison will help you make the right decision in selecting Hiipoo vs. Cosmos sublimation ink.

Hiipoo Ink vs Cosmos Ink | The Comparison

Here we will discuss various factors before selecting the sublimation ink for our sublimation printing business.

Ink Type

Hiipoo sublimation ink is a dye-based ink that produces bright and vibrant colors, making it ideal for printing on a wide range of substrates. This ink is suitable for sublimation printing on polyester fabric, mugs, pillowcases, canvas, hoodies, wood, and hats.

It has a wide color gamut, which means it can produce a broad range of colors. Hiipoo sublimation ink is also known for its fast-drying properties, which can help prevent smudging and produce sharper prints.

On the other hand, Cosmos ink is a pigment-based ink that produces precise colors and is more fade-resistant to UV rays than dye-based ink. This makes it ideal for printing on various materials, including fabrics, ceramics, and metals.

Also check shelf life of sublimation inks, which can be important if you don’t use the ink regularly.


This is the second most important factor to consider when buying sublimation ink. The compatibility of sublimation ink with printers depends upon several factors, including the type of printer, the ink formulation, and the substrate being used. Thus, everyone must check this before ordering sublimation ink, i.e., Hiipoo ink vs. Cosmos sublimation ink.

The Hiipoo and cosmos sublimation ink with refill and autofill bottles are compatible with EPSON, EcoTank, and Sawgrass and produce vibrant and intense colors on sublimation blanks.

Note: Cosmos ink is best for sublimating small images on mouse pads and hats, while Hiipoo ink works best on large-size substrates like wood, garments, tumblers, and metals.

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Benefits of Sublimation ink Compatible with Printers

When the sublimation ink is compatible with your printer, you will enjoy the following results:

Consistency and Vibrancy in Colors

Well-matched sublimation ink is designed to work seamlessly with the printer, ensuring that the colors are consistent and vibrant from one print to the next.

Extended Printhead Life

Using a compatible ink, there is less chance of clogging the printhead. As a result, the printer’s life goes longer without replacing the printhead and costly repairs.

Improvement in Print Quality

Well-suited sublimation ink works efficiently with the printer’s each nozzle configuration and printhead technology, ensuring that the ink is delivered in the right amount and at the right location on the substrate. This can result in sharper, cleaner prints with fewer imperfections.

Consequence of Incompatible Sublimation Ink

If the sublimation ink, either it is Hiipoo or Cosmos, is incompatible with the sublimation printer, here are the issues you can face as a result:

Poor Print Quality

The ink may not be able to make bonding properly with the substrate, and results wash out colors, smudged prints, or blurry images. The print may appear grainy or pixelated.

Clogged Printhead

If the ink is incompatible with the printer’s printhead, it can clog the nozzles, leading to banding and missing lines. This can result in costly repairs or even render the printer unusable.

Ink Leaks

The incompatible ink with the printer’s ink delivery system can leak or spill, causing a mess and potentially damaging the printer ink system.

In other words, installing incompatible sublimation ink in a printer can have a range of negative consequences that can affect the quality of the print and damage the printer. It is important to carefully research and select an ink compatible with the specific printer model.

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Here, both Brands of Sublimation inks have tough competition in price. A variety of offers and packages is available for different kinds of printers. If you own a small sublimation printing business, then Cosmos ink is cost-effective compared to Hiipoo ink.

Hiipoo sublimation ink is a better option for large-scale businesses as they offer the best package with a high print yield and 400ml pack.

Nozzle of The Ink Bottle

Sublimation ink bottles come with two shapes of nozzle tips; Narrow and Wide. A syringe is used to precisely control and refill sublimation ink into the ink reservoir.

Nowadays, Hiipoo sublimation ink is adopting the technology of Autofill directly into the cartridge as the level goes down. Such addition of Hiipoo ink chooses Cosmos ink for a large-scale sublimation printing business.

While Cosmos Ink provides a syringe and gloves to fill the sublimation ink into cartridges.   

Customer Support

Buying any product and giving feedback represents the success level of any business. After-sale services improve customer faith in the product. Hiipoo Ink sells their product through Amazon and provides customer support by answering the questions customers. A video demonstration to fill the sublimation ink is also available. Hence, Hiipoo ink is king in this field.

While in the case of Cosmos ink, feedback is positive, customer support could be more effective than Hiipoo sublimation ink. They also lag in providing videos to follow steps for ink refilling.


Hiipoo sublimation ink is tested and checked before delivering to stores in various sublimation printers. This ensures high quality, durability, and stability toward environmental impacts.

Hiipoo ink is certified with ISO-9001 and MSDS, while Cosmos ink has no ISO-certified ink. So, it’s evident Hiipoo is more reliable than Cosmos sublimation ink.

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Final Words

Till now, you have a clear picture of the Comparison of Hiipoo vs. Cosmos ink. You must check the requirements, printer compatibility, shelf life, certification, and customer feedback about sublimation inks.

I prefer Hiipoo sublimation ink over Cosmos ink, as my Epson printer works best with this ink. In case of any problem, I contact customer support; they are very supportive and friendly. Hiipoo sublimation ink has a nozzle on the bottles, another exceptional proposal.

With the right ink and proper care, you can achieve high-quality sublimation prints that meet your expectations and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Hippo Sublimation Ink and Cosmos Ink environmentally friendly?

Yes, both brands offer sublimation ink products that are designed to be environmentally friendly, using Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging materials.

How should I store Hippo Sublimation Ink or Cosmos Ink?

Keeping the sublimation ink dry and cool is highly recommended to avoid direct contact with a heat source or Sunlight. Also, use the sublimation ink within a certain timeframe after opening the bottle to ensure optimal performance as instructed by the manufacturer.

Can I use 2 different brands of sublimation ink?

Two different sublimation ink brands must not be mixed to achieve better printer performance and vivid color print. Otherwise, you will face messing up of print color and clogging the printhead.

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